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Motivate your children to learn at play

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Get your child excited about learning

In a recent study, we tested to see how Lingokids measures up against traditional learning methods in motivating children to learn. Of a group of five-year-olds, half used a traditional method to reinforce vocabulary, while the other half played Lingokids games related to the topic.

When students were asked whether they wanted to repeat their experiences, we found that the children were 20% more motivated to learn (ESL) vocabulary with the Lingokids app than with traditional language-learning methods.

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Why is this relevant?

Motivation is a major concern for parents. When children are young, it is especially important to instill good learning habits to ensure their future educational success. After all, the more motivated you are, the more you learn.

You may have heard of extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation—when the learner is driven to learn on their own—is particularly essential for students' success. It builds a foundation for self-confidence and sets the stage for students to become active players in their own education.

Education is changing

Research continues to show the importance of intrinsic motivation in children's development. This is a growing concern and people are starting to turn to educational technology for solutions.

We are in a digital revolution, and it's changing the way we learn. Education technology (edtech) offers the advantage of being able to create a space for more motivating and engaging learning experiences. It can promote self-motivation in ways that traditional learning methods simply cannot.

Where edtech is now

Although education technology is hugely popular, the industry as a whole is still finding its niche. People see the potential of the industry but are finding that the mere introduction of technology to a classroom isn't enough.

Personalizing learning through technology

When learning is personalized, the difference it makes is massive. Technology can provide tailor-made programs that make it possible for students to learn at their own level and pace.

Technology is also reducing the role of the physical classroom in education. With e-learning, students have the ability to learn at their own pace whenever and wherever they want. This gives learners control over their education, and further promotes self-motivational behaviors that encourage lifelong learning.

The good news

Lingokids’ game-based app is proven to motivate children to learn more than traditional learning methods. It’s fun for children and it integrates features that subtly reinforce positive educational development. For example, practice reminders help children establish daily routines and further promote self-motivation.

The app is also highly personalized. Children have the flexibility to choose from hundreds of games and activities, all of which bring them closer to becoming bilingual.

Our customers look to Lingokids to complement their children's English learning. However, more importantly, they look to us to provide their children with a learning tool that they will reach for on their own. Lingokids covers all the bases in ensuring your child's educational success!

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