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6 apps to boost your child's learning

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Lingokids Team @lingokids

We live in an era of constant innovation—and the education sector is no exception. Apps have quickly become one of the most relevant online learning resources for children of all ages.

Parents want their children to have fun while learning in a safe environment. With apps, the possibilities are endless. There are apps for language learning, emotional intelligence, and even enhancing creativity! Check out our list of educational apps that are great for kids.

Best educational apps for kids

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1. Habitat the Game, by Elevator Entertainment.

Players in this app ensure a polar bear's wellbeing by helping it complete different activities. It is a captivating game that teaches children how to care for animals and the environment. It even shows children ways to reduce their own carbon footprint!

2. Elmo Loves 123s, by Sesame Street Workshop.

Children learn math skills using numbers 1 to 20 in this app. Thanks to its lovable characters, kids easily remember concepts from lessons. It also includes several math-based mini-games to reinforce concepts, like puzzles, visual recognition games, and videos. It’s a perfect option for kids aged 3 to 6.

3. Masha and the Bear, by Indigo Kids.

This app helps children learn through actions. It includes various mini-games where they can interact with their favorite characters from Masha and the Bear. The platform is a magical space for children to explore, where they can row on a lake or stroll through the forest. This app for toddlers is not one to miss.

4. Lingokids English for Kids, by Monkimun Inc.

Using games as an educational tool is proven to be very effective for young English learners. Games are fun and allow for language learning in a natural, immersive setting. With Lingokids, children aged 2 to 8 can learn at their own pace through engaging videos, games, and activities on a kid-friendly and ad-free app.

In its newest feature, Episode Packs, children can watch short, animated episodes starring Lingokids’ characters. After each episode, they play related games that reinforce what they’ve just learned. For example, in the first episode, Billy the Chick builds a robot to enter into a robot contest. The corresponding game reinforces vocab about body parts.


5. Color Band, by Ting-Wei Liu.

Color Band uses kids' natural attraction to color and sound as a teaching tool. It’s an app that allows children to express their creativity through drawings infused with music. The app is a great way to expose children to art and music—essential elements for personal development.

6. Mindful Powers , by Smashing Ideas Inc.

This app focuses on mindfulness. It helps children learn how to navigate emotions so they can build healthier relationships with themselves, as well as others. This is a great tool for children that is sure to lead to positive personal growth.

Get access to more fun educational games and activities for your children right here at Lingokids.

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