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The app redefining screen time

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How to ensure healthy screen time for your child

Show of hands: who has plopped their kids down in front of the TV, laptop, or iPad so they could get a well-earned moment of peace and quiet? We’ve all done it at some point! However, as we become increasingly immersed in a world run by digital media, we must ensure that our children's screen time is high quality and safe.

What do the guidelines say?

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines that claimed children two and older should spend “no more than one hour per day passively entertained by screens.” The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has similar recommendations, stating that excessive screen time at a young age can affect our children’s sleep cycles.

The importance of active screen time

To fully understand the impact of screen time on our minds, an important distinction is “active” vs. “passive” consumption. Dr. Juana Willumsen, a children’s health expert at the WHO, clarifies that the guidelines’ recommended limits do not apply to programs that have children “actively participating.” In fact, she argues that online activities that are mentally or physically engaging can actually be extremely beneficial to a child’s mental development.*

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This may seem easier said than done. The concept of active screen time sounds simple enough, but how do you find quality content? That’s where Lingokids comes in.

The perfect solution

Lingokids is a simple yet highly effective solution. With games that have been proven to enhance cognitive function, we offer a high-quality source of active screen time. Our activities stimulate children’s minds while keeping them entertained.


Activities with purpose

Our traceable activities, for example, introduce kids to writing skills and help them refine their motor skills while learning new vocabulary. These activities can be completed in short periods of time, so your child can actively learn new words without spending hours glued to a screen.

Consistent with the recommendations of WHO and the AAP, children who use Lingokids are constantly engaged as they expand their English language skills.

Rest assured

What’s more, you can still have some guilt-free time to yourself. Since children only play within the app, which is completely ad-free, you don’t have to worry about monitoring what they’re watching, as you might with YouTube or the TV. Lingokids is a secure and fun environment that is kidSAFE certified, so your child can enjoy learning—and you can enjoy your break.

As parents, we’re constantly told how to best raise our children. There is no official parenting rulebook, and it doesn't help when the digital world can feel saturated with opinions and information.

However, as new research appears about the effects of technology on our children, we should pay close attention. With the right measures, we can ensure that the digital revolution is a helpful tool—rather than an obstacle—for the next generation.

Find out more about how Lingokids can be a tool for your child's success here!

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