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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Lyrics

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
lean your ear this way.
Don't you tell a single soul
what I'm going to say.

Christmas Eve is coming soon,
now my dear old man.
Whisper what you'll bring to me,
tell me if you can.

When the clock is striking twelve,
when I'm fast asleep.
Down the chimney broad and black
with your pack you'll creep.

All the stockings you will find
hanging in a row.
Mine will be the shortest one
you'll be sure to know.

Suzy wants a pair of skates,
Johnny wants a sled.
Nellie wants a story book,
one she hasn't read.

As for me, I hardly know,
so I'll go to rest.
Choose for me, dear Santa Claus,
what you think is best.

About the Song

“Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" is the perfect holiday song to cozy up the Christmas season.
This lovely Christmas classic comes from a poem written by Emily Huntington Miller published as “Lilly's Secret" in 1865 and it pictures a very awaited moment, when kids around the world sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Christmas Eve is coming soon so a little girl- Lisa the Cat- is whispering Santa what her family wants for Christmas. So this song turns out to be a great opportunity to practice toys !  “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" is the perfect holiday song to cozy up the Christmas season. 

This lovely Christmas classic comes from a poem written by Emily Huntington M

Toys is a favorite and easy-to-teach topic since it is part of children's everyday life. With this lovely song, you can boost your their vocabulary related to the most popular toys as well some others that are not very common. You can also practice colour names and adjectives in English.

Once you’ve listened to the song several times, name with your kid the toys that appear in the song and then you can start asking yes- no questions such as Does Nellie want a story book? Does Johnny want a ball? If the answer is no, you can go further by asking your kid "What does Johnny want then? or inquire about personal preferences “What do you want for Christmas?"

You can also use the song to practice some opposite adjectives and comparatives. What color is the shortest stocking? Which stocking is longer Suzy’s or Johnny’s? Look through the window, it’s snowing. Is the weather hot or cold? Look at Lisa and Santa, Who is older? Who is taller?

Sing along and enjoy this beautiful song as your kid improve his pronunciation and expand his vocabulary!

Liven up Christmas with “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”!